Keeping up to date with the .NET world can be overwhelming as a software developer. Thankfully in the 21st century there are hundreds of different outlets where you can find out the latest trends and breaking news in various formats. You may already be following some of the biggest names. For example, Scott Hanselman, Vice President at Microsoft, continues to be a leading thought leader and voice in the software developer space; and many of the Microsoft engineers’ author their own blogs with top tips and key information. However, there are other members of the .NET community who, over the years, have made fantastic contributions with their knowledge and insights.

Here is your definitive top 3 list to keep you in the .NET know…

You’ve Been Haacked (

Phil Haack (spot the irony!) has over twenty years of experience and an incredible resume which includes some of the biggest software companies in the world, including GitHub and Microsoft. As well as speaking at conferences and speaking on popular podcasts, Phil Haack also authored GitHub for Dummies and the very popular Professional ASP.NET MVC series.

Beyond the .NET space, this blog has a heavy focus on some of the latest technologies and highlights Phil’s very own passion projects, including those connected to his new chat bot company A Serious Business, Inc, creators of Abbot. In addition, the blog also highlights the technology industry’s importance on the worlds stage as a global leader.

Main topics: Git / ASP.NET / .NET Core / ChatOps / IT Leadership

Mikes Dot Netting (

Looking to provide articles and tutorials on web development with ASP.NET? Looking for a blog that explores some of the latest features in the .NET space? Mike Brinds’ your man! Mike Brind is an 11-time recipient of the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award for ASP.NET and in November 2022 published ASP.NET Core Razor Pages in Action. covers all things ASP.NET. The blog ranges from factual articles to personalised opinion posts, exploring the basics and latest updates in the .NET developer space.

Main Topics: ASP.NET / C# / .NET Core / Razor Pages / Blazor / JavaScript / SQL Server

Code Opinion (

Authored by Derek Cromartin, a Microsoft Visual Studio and Development MVP who has over 20 years of professional experience, Code Opinion explores current coding trends while explaining key software developer knowledge. Alongside his blog, he runs a YouTube channel which at time of writing has nearly 300 videos and 80,000 followers!

CodeOpinion is the perfect destination for .NET Developers with an interest software architecture and design, messaging, CQRS, event sourcing and HTTP APIs.

Main Topics: .NET Core / ASP.NET / SQL Server / CQRS

By familiarising yourself with the wider .NET world, you will discover experienced professionals who have decades of experience that they are willing to share with the .NET community. This is an opportunity to challenge your own assumptions, learn new techniques and apply these lessons to your own projects. This is pivotal for all developers as continuous self-development keeps you up to date with the latest trends, making you a more rounded and open-minded developer. Each of these blogs and many more like them, is a fountain of knowledge and additional resource which should be used to maximise your expertise.  Remember – cultivated knowledge is the key to success!