Top 3 Alternative .NET Blogs to follow

Keeping up-to-date with the .NET world can be overwhelming as a developer. Thankfully in the 21st century there are a host of different outlets where you can find out the latest trends and breaking news.

You may already be following some of the biggest names. For example, Scott Hanselman continues to be a leading voice in the Microsoft space, and many of the Microsoft engineers’ author their own blogs with insider information.

However, outside of this exclusive club, there are other members of the .NET community who contribute knowledge and insight.

Here’s your definitive top 3 list to keep you in the .NET know:-

1 Mikes Dot Netting (

Looking to focus on the newest features in the .NET space. Mike Brinds’ your man! covers all things ASP.NET. The blog ranges from factual articles to personalised opinion posts, with the occasional book review thrown in for good measure. Most recently, the blog has focused its efforts at looking at Razor Pages and the benefits for developers.

Main Topics: ASP.NET / C# / Razor Pages / ASP classic / Blazor / JavaScript / SQL Server

2 Code Opinion (

Authored by Derek Cromartin, a Microsoft Visual Studio and Development MVP, CodeOpinion is the perfect destination for .NET developers with an interest in architectural patterns. Moreover, if you aren’t much of a reader, he covers a vast amount of topis via his YouTube channel.

Main Topics: .NET Core / ASP.NET / SQL Server / CQRS

3 You’ve Been Haacked (

Phil Haack (spot the irony!) works at Github and began blogging in 2004. Beyond the .NET space, this blog has a heavy focus on some of the latest technologies and highlights Phil’s very own passion projects, including those using open source. In addition, the blog also highlights the technology industries importance on the worls stage as a global leader.

Main Topics: Git / ASP.NET / .NET Core / IT Leadership

By familiarising yourself with the wider .NET world, you will become a better and more rounded developer. Each of these blogs is an additional resource which should be used to maximise your performance in and out of the work place. Remember: Knowledge is the key to success!

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